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Name: Madi
Contact: [ profile] runawayballista
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Rachel Berenson
Age: 16
Canon: Animorphs
Canon Point: Post-series
Character Information:

Personality: At a glance, Rachel seems like the perfect It girl: feminine, fashionable, well-adapted socially, and she’s good with people (well, most of the time). She’s active socially, in and out of school; some of her favorite hobbies are doing gymnastics and going shopping. Rachel is very confident and self-assured, to the point where others around her often believe she isn’t afraid of anything; others see her as sort of untouchable, not only in that she looks like she’s never had a speck of dirt on her, even after a fight, but also because although she’s social and has lots of friends, she gives off an independent vibe. Especially true of her before the invasion, she’s never needed other people’s approval, and her self-confidence and her total willingness to blow off cute guys flirting with her makes people see her as somewhat inaccessible. On closer inspection, though, she’s not quite the popular girl she appears to be on the surface. She has little tolerance for bullshit, and isn’t above making sarcastic remarks in response to something that’s annoyed her, sometimes being downright mean. And while she’s fairly independent and seems fearless to everyone, Rachel has her own fears and insecurities; but she’s also keenly aware that her friends expect her never to be frightened, and she plays into that as well.

There are a lot of things that can be said about Rachel: she’s brave and she’s got guts, whether it comes to a nasty fight or talking down a bully. She’s got a strong sense of right and wrong, but it doesn’t always align with everyone else’s, and she tends to lose sight of the bigger picture when people she cares about are involved. Rachel is the sort of person whose first impulse would be to save her best friend over a bunch of strangers, even if they’re innocent bystanders. Rachel cares deeply for her friends and family, and she’s willing to go to great lengths to protect them. She also tends toward a vigilante brand of justice -- when somebody bites, you bite back, and you always get revenge. Everyone gets what they deserve in the end. She is also proud and competitive, and doesn’t always receive criticism especially well. When she’s having a personal problem, she doesn’t tend to ask for help until she’s confronted; rather, she tends to engage in self-destructive behavior, like taking unnecessary risks, and when she’s upset she’s even more easily emotionally provoked than usual. Rachel doesn’t like her weaknesses to visible -- when she’s intimidated, she’ll try to act tough.

Rachel has always been a kind of thrillseeker, and before she became an Animorph gymnastics was a big thrill for her. Now, it’s morphing into a bird and soaring the skies, or getting into a grisly fight. Rachel enjoys the rush of battle a lot -- maybe a little too much -- and she’s always eager for a fight. The longer she fights against the invasion, the more she discovers that there is something inside her that craves violence, the thrill of the fight. This makes her oddly more suited to combat situations than the other Animorphs, and she’s always ready for a fight. Especially when it comes to the Yeerk conflict, Rachel is likely to see violence as the solution, although she isn’t above throwing a few punches in normal, everyday situations, too. Her years as an Animorph have only served to further cultivate her penchant for violence, and by the time things come to a head in the war against the Yeerks, Rachel has acknowledged that the purpose she bests serves is as executioner.

She has her flaws, though, too. Rachel isn’t just brave, she’s reckless and impulsive; she tends to make snap judgments, especially in the heat of the moment, and she doesn’t function well as a leader under pressure. Although she’s generally pretty self-assured, she doesn’t like feeling inadequate or that she has something to prove, and when she does it tends to make her more reckless. Her ideas, particularly when it comes to fighting the Yeerks, tend to lack subtlety for the most part -- Rachel likes the direct approach whenever possible, which usually means smashing through the front door and whoever happens to be in the way. She prefers raw power and strength over anything else, which is why her preferred battle morphs are the African elephant and the grizzly bear. Rachel has a hard time seeing the flaws in her own plans; she lacks forethought when it comes to combat and planning (she’s the one most likely to rush into a room without assessing the situation), and she often has a hard time separating herself emotionally from what’s going on. She also tends to get serious tunnel-vision when she has an objective in mind, which can be handy for getting things done, but her lack of attention to the bigger picture usually causes trouble.

5-10 Key Character Traits:
- reckless and impulsive
- quick to react
- cares deeply for her friends/connects with people personally
- proud and competitive
- impatient
- resorts to violence quickly
- brave/fearless
- sarcastic and witty
- smart, confident in her abilities
- physically adept and usually quite graceful

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, or EITHER? FITS
Opt-Outs: nymph, shade, goblin, demon, werebear

Roleplay Sample: Marco and Rachel share a warm, heartfelt reunion


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